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The Law Office of Zoran M. Kostic

Kosovska 15/I, Belgrade 11000, Serbia


Kondina 24/III,Belgrade 11000,Serbia

Tel: 381-11-322-4456, Mob. 381-64-216-8789



The Law Office of Zoran M. Kostic is a "boutique law firm",

specialized in the field of International trade law but at the same time, the office's practice encompasses all major areas of law Commercial law, Franchise law, Family, Criminal, Civil and Business law.

The founder of the office is  Zoran M. Kostic - Attorney at Law. After graduating from the law school in Belgrade, he completed his post-graduated studies in International Trade and Business law. He improved his knowledge in Paris and Toronto. Working with the renowned employers and firms in Yugoslavia and Canada he achieved the high degree of expertise and experience.

Selection of the employees at the law office of Zoran M. Kostic has been done very carefully. Each of the employees speaks several languages, has the great working ethic, knowledge of the office's businesses and respect for professional codex.

 We conduct our business with all stakeholders in a transparent, efficient, and reliable manner, seeking to achieve our vision by gaining commitment and tapping into people's passion.

We act with integrity, dignity, and respect, both in business and in our personal lives.

We achieve positive relations on a win-win basis.

We operate as a cohesive team with all stakeholders, including those communities that we eventually become part of.

We embrace others' differences by seeking dialogue to obtain a collaborative resolution.

We seek to deliver excellence for all stakeholders.

We promote innovation, creativity and collaboration.

We communicate openly and frequently with our clients.

Our correspondent offices in Canada, USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and "on-line" contacts with diplomatic missions and  governmental and non-governmental organization in the world, help us to follow all the changes in amendments of relevant regulations and legislation.

Wherever our clients are, in ex-Yugoslavia's republics, USA, Canada, France, Australia, etc.,we are virtually with them. Great spirit, freedom of moving, knowledge of the judicial systems, openness and contacts with the world wide make us successful in representing our clients no matter where they are.

Demands of our clients are analyzed and scanned by specialists with the extensive experience. In order to understand the context in which the case is presented we are taking in to consideration all the facts. When the real judgment of the success is made, the administrative realization begins. We contact the authorized organizations, make appointments, achieve deadlines and do all the actions that are necessary to end the procedure.

If we experience obstacles on the road ,we deal with them in the same dedicated way. Very often we ask some other professionals to help us find the solution.

 Professionalism, persistence, devotion, expertise are the postulates we are hanging on to. The interest and the well being of our clients are our priorities. That is not only a promise,      it is our obligation also.


In adopting the slogan "Serving our clients in Serbia and abroad" our firm’s development reflects the recent transformation of the Serbian economy. These days our country welcomes business people from all over the world to thrive and prosper in a new created entrepreneurial environment.

Having in mind that some clients may want to do a business in Serbia willing to be a pioneer in conquering a new and untouched treasury of unexplored market, we can help them as their counselor, partner or associate, offering a variety of services:

·        Information necessary to set up business – location, organization, recruiting, financing, planning and system development;

·        Information about government policies such as taxation, employment, transportation and regulations for specific industries;

·        Time-saving referrals to appropriate government officials;

·        Referrals to professional sectors such as bankers, real estate specialist, engineering consultants;

·        Assistance in identifying investment opportunities and/or partners;

·        Legal assistance through corporations, franchises, partnership, joint ventures and other business arrangements;

·        Participation in the negotiation of contracts, including distribution agreements, supply contracts and shareholders agreements;

·        Work authorization for employees from foreign countries working in Serbia;

·        Litigation before courts and arbitration.


Why are we like that? -   Because we appreciate human and generous people!

Look for us! We are available either by mail, phone, e-mail .


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Zoran M.Kostic

Kondina 24

Beograd, 11000

Tel. +381-11-322-4456




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- Analiza strukovnih profila saglasno domacem zakonu o radu, zakonu o obrazovanju, Nomenklaturi zanimanja i sistematizaciji radnih mesta i usaglasavanje istih sa normativima za priznavanje kvalifikacija u stranim zemljama

- Uporedno pravni pregled kolizionih normi u oblasti rada i radnih odnosa, braka i porodice, priznanja i izvrsenja stranih sudskih i arbitraznih odluka, privrednih i ekonomskih odnosa

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